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In this page, we list events and activities that are open to CCIS faculty and staff. All events are scheduled 12-1 pm in the Research Center's Auditorium in B2, unless otherwise noted. Group members meet weekly, Mondays 12-2pm, with the first hour open to CCIS faculty and students, and the second hour is a closed session for 'members-only' to carry out work for ongoing projects.

Spring Semester of 2013





Feb 4


Frisk: Gmail Sidebar Gadget

 Rania AlJindan, Sara AlWaalan, AlJoharaAlFayez, HanadiWali, Sara Oulddaddah

 Feb 11

 Dry Run

 iRannan : Computer-Based Aural Rehabilitation , a Remote Monitoring andTraining Solution

Nora Al-Madi, Ms. Najwa Alghamdi

Feb 18


Gaze-Based Gaming for ADHD with Attentive Eye

Anfal Alomar, Khawlah Alhadlaq, Manal Alrubayain, Najla Alzakari,  Ohood Alhamid

Feb 18

Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop for Undergraduate Researchers: URC Prep

Weaam Alrashed, Nourah Alomar, Arwa Alamoudi, Dr. Areej Al-Wabil

Feb 25

Dry Run

Innovations in IT Papers: Mindtyping Projectand and the Smart Hajj Project

Mindtyping Team and the Smart Hajj Team

Mar 11


 Hackathons, Ideathons, and Me

 Dr. Eiman Kanjo

Apr 1


 From Joyous to Clinically Depressed: Mood detection using multi-modal ppearance and speech [Affecanalysis of a person's ative Computing]

 Sharifa Alghowinem, MSc
 Australian National University

Apr 8


The Business Side of IT Research and Practice

Sara Alsammahy, KSAU-HS; Microsoft

Apr 15

 Seminar 12-1pm

Urban Sensing

Dr. Eiman Kanjo

 Apr 15

 Seminar 1-2pm

Pseudo Feature Extraction and the Prospect of BCI modeling

Ibrahim Almosallam, KACST

Apr 22

Seminar 12-1pm

Biologically inspired algorithms for Exploratory Projection Pursuit

Dr. Souad Larabi MARIE-SAINTE

 Apr 22

 Workshop 2-4pm

 Conference Presentations and Competitions:
URC 2013 and ACM 2013 competitions for PG and BSc students

Dr. Ghada Alhudhud, Dr. Nesrine Zemirli,  Dr. Areej Alwabil, & URC 2010-12 participants

May 5


Assistive Technologies for Learning Difficulties
Presentation in the Symposium for "Recent Developments in the Field of Learning Difficulties"
ندوة المستجدات المعاصرة في مجال صعوبات التعلم

Dr. Areej Al-Wabil

May 5


SKERG Projects for Systems Designed for Learning Difficulties
Dyslexia Explorer; BCI Rehab Games; Touch-to-Speak; Sada; Taibah Project; Dyslexia MMD
ندوة المستجدات المعاصرة في مجال صعوبات التعلم

L. Arwa Al-Edaily, Lama Alssum, Nora Alangari, Arwa Alrubaian, Ghada alofaisan, Bayan Alarifi, Arwa Alamoudy, Sara Alkoblan, Rawan Alabdulrahman, Nora Alarfaj, Ohoud Alharbi

May 6


A tool for classifying strabismus using data mining and image processing techniques

Alia Alabdulkarim, MSc

May 13


IEEE Workshops for Promoting STEM in K-12 Programs
Computing & Me Workshop

Computing & Me Workshop - Presentation by Ms. Ebtisam Alabdulqader and Ms. Hebah Almoaigel

May 13

Seminar at 12:20pm

Effects of Recording Factors On The Emotional State of a Person in EEG Based Authentication Systems
Best Paper Award in the Research Seminar Course

Sulaf Almagoshy
Ms. Najwa Alghamdi, for IT 499 Research Seminar

May 13

Demo at 12:45pm

Persuasive Computing - Freelance Project

Sulaf Almagoshy, Modhi Bin Kulaib and Hessah alShamran

May 27


BCI & Eyetracking GUI Interfaces

Eman Al-Bilali
Project Sueprvised by Prof Hatim aboalsamh & Dr. Areej Al-Wabil

May 27


Optimization of BCI Navigation: BCI-controlled Wheelchair Navigation

Wafa Al-Rajhi
Project supervised by Dr Manar Hosny  and Dr. Areej Alwabil

Jun 3


Around the World in Web Semantics

Dr. Nesrine Zemirli and MSc stduents