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Web Search & Open Sources: “From the story to the reality”

Presenters: Master students from the Information System Department (w/ Dr. Nesrine Zemirli) – IS531 Course.

Chair: Dr. Nesrine Zemirli

Organized by Scientific and Research Affairs Committee – IS Dept - IS@KSU

Co-hosted by the SKERG Research Group.              


Around the world of the web is a cycle of seminars that presents the overview of web and its big challenges that we face today. For this session, we are back to the foundations that made the web the new trend of the information age.  Once more, you will enter to the fascinated world of the information access. We present you an overview of one of the oldest fields of the web: the Information Retrieval. The oldest one, but actually, the one of newest, innovative, advanced fields, ever.

We will cross the time and explore the bigger evolution of IR. How to access to the information on the web. The Push and Pull way of the information access. How you can find the most relevant information that you are looking for in big data shared on the web? How the search engine works? How we can benefit from the social media to find and recommend the most relevant products?  It’s the main questions that we are going to try to answer during this seminar.

After having telling you the web search's success story, let’s go for the demo of how we apply open sources systems to design a web search engine. The students will give you a show case of how you can use "Lucene" to build a search engine and "Mahout" as recommender system.

Seminar Agenda:

Monday 03 June 2013 - From 12 to 2pm

12 – 12:15 am   Introduction to IR world! – Dr. Nesrine Zemirli

12:15 – 1:00pm   Open source search engine: – Dr. Nesrine Zemirli Amal Al-Ahmari , Asma Al-Shehri , Mona Al-Shammari , Tsaheel Al-Mudaihesh

1pm – 1:45 pm   Social Recommendation System: –Asma Al-Drees, Reem Bin-Hezam, Ruba Al-Muwayshir, Wafa’ Haddoush.


Dr. Nesrine Zemirli ESc, MSc, PhD, Research Scientist in Personalization & Persuasive User Modeling.

Currently Assistant Professor at the Information Systems Department, College of Computer Science, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. She was a Vice Head of the Information System Department in King Saud University from 2012 to 2013.

Her  research focuses on the Personalized Big Data (PBD), the Persuasive Technology for social user profile modeling (SUP), in real time's context of the Social Network. The application-driven approaches to personalized recommendation system (P-RecoSys) based on the contextualization, socialization and mobility of the user profile.

Her main ongoing projects include: PERSO-Retail, E-WebCap, EmoSens UP – Secure Privat Profiling - RecoSys of Islamic Goods. Dr. Nesrine holds a PhD in Computer Science from IRIT at Paul Sabatier University Toulouse III, France, specialized in the personalized of information access. She worked as a Lecturer and Researcher at various French Universities, and as a Web manager and IT Project Management in a French and international business company.
Open source search engine Group

 Mona alshammari:bachelor degree in Information System from college of computer science and information in Imam Muhammad University (2009),  work in  Ministry of Education

Asma Alshehri: bachelor degree in Information System from college of computer science and information in Imam Muhammad University (2008), work in Princess Nourah Bin Abdurrahman.

Tsaheel almudaihesh:bachelor degree in Information System from college of computer science and information in Imam Muhammad University(2009), work in Ministry of Education.

Amal Al-ahmari: Master Student  

Social good recommender Group

Asma AlDrees: Bachelor degree in IS college from king Khalid University in 2010. I had worked there for tow years as TA. Now, I’m a master student in IS college at KSU.

Reem Bin-Hezam: Bachelor degree in computer sciences from Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud Islamic University in 2009. Currently, work as a Teaching Assistant at Princess Nora University.

Ruba Khalid: Bachelor degree in computer and information science from AlJouf University, 2010, work there as a TA.

Wafa Haddoush: Hold bachelor degree in computer engineering from Al_palqa Applied University 2006, Jordan. Worked as a system administrator in a Jordan university and ministry. Currently, I’m a master IS student at King Saud University.

Master students at Information Systems Department at King Saud University.
Currently studying anInformation Retrieval System (IS 531) Course taught by Dr. Nesrine Zemirli.
 Date:  June 3, 2013
Time: 12:00 - 02:00 pm
Location: Research Center Auditorium, Building 2, Malaz Campus