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  • Web Usability of Bioinformatics Tools |  Article in KSU News Portal -  رسالة الجامعة
  • Seminar with Dr. Muath Alkhalaf  |  Article in KSU News Portal - رسالة الجامعة
  • Seminar with Dr. Abeer Alnuaim  |  Article in KSU News Portal - رسالة الجامعة
  • SKERG Workshop on NodeXL |  Article in KSU News Portal
  • Award - The 2015 Visionary Award from SAP's University Alliance awarded to Dr. Areej Al-Wabil | SPA press release
  • Arduino Day 2015 | Article in KSU News


  • Our SKERG participation in the World Disability Day for Learning Disabilities  |  Article in KSU News
  • Zayed Universty URC Conference  |  Dr Abir Benabid's Keynote Panel Session
  • Our SKERG participation in the CCIS Research Day in May 2014  |  Article in KSU News Portal


  • Our SKERG Panel in the Google Women in Tech conferenc ein KSU  |  Article in Sabq
  • Awards in URC  |  Links
  • Award in CTIT Dubai  |  Link


  • Cross-disciplinary collaboration between SKERG and KSU's Disability Service Center  | Press release in KSU's News Portal
  • Alriyadh newspaper article on capstone projects