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Title:  Designing and Developing a Visual Framework Integrating an RNA Mapping Algorithm and a Genome Rearrangement Algorithm in Bioinformatics

Speaker: Ms. Asma Rikli, Software Engineering Department Graduate, CCIS, KSU

Abstract:Biologists traditionally visually examine and analyze biological samples to understand the phenomena behind them and gain insight. This approach, if not automated, is prone to human error and unsuitable for quantitative comparison of several results. Visualization of biological data is one of the main challenges derived from its massive volume and complexity, hence the need for improving the usability, integration and standardization of bioinformatics visualization tools. Furthermore, two important bioinformatics processes that analyze Ribo Nucleic Acids (RNAs) are their alignment and rearrangement. However, majority of alignment and rearrangement algorithms are based on RNA sequence while its functionality depends on its structure. Fortunately, two innovative algorithms: The Component Based Pair-Wise RNA Secondary Structure Alignment Algorithm (CompPSA) and the Genome Rearrangement for RNA Secondary Structure Using Component Based Representation Algorithm (DCJ-RNA) have been recently proposed utilizing the new component-based representation of the RNA structure. In this seminar, we share the development process of the RNA Alignment, Rearrangement, and Visualization framework (ARV), which integrates the implementations of the CompPSA and DCJ-RNA algorithms and visualizes their inputs and results while enabling users' maximum interaction with the RNA structures. 

Date/Time: Tuesday, Dec 13, 2017 at 12-1pm

Location: 6F55 in Building 6 (Broadcast to Room 2077 in CCIS male side)

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