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Title:  Evaluating the Quality of Data Mining Systems

Speaker: Dr. Ghada Alhudhud, Ms. Eman Alnkhilan, Ms. Lama Tatwany and Ms. Sara AlShehri, IT Department, CCIS, KSU.


The quality management is a collection of policies, procedures, plans, processes and the specification of responsibilities and authority of an organization designed to achieve product and service quality levels, customer satisfaction and company objectives. The quality management test is very important to conform the performance and the quality of a product. For this reasons, in this study we applied quality management test on the open source software Weka to evaluate its quality. Weka is a popular suite for machine learning, which used to accomplish data mining tasks. CodePro Analytix quality management tool was used to evaluate Weka and check if it satisfies quality standards. The results showed that Weka's conformance rate was fairly good with 74.75%. In addition, we used six sigma approach on three different versions of Weka. Six sigma evaluation results, showed that Weka is capable at level three sigma (3s), this means that Weka has good quality thus it can be improved more to reach outstanding quality.

Date/Time: Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017 at 12-1pm

Location: 6F55 in Building 6 (Broadcast to Room 2077 in CCIS male side)

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