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Title: Utilization of Usability for the development of Arabic web based applications in small-sized software development organizations in Saudi Arabia

Speaker: Lulwah Alyahyan , MSc| National Center for Computer Technology and Applied Mathematics at KACST

Usability has begun to appear as a highly important attribute for software quality; it is a critical factor that needs to be considered by software development organizations when developing software to produce highly usable software, improve customer satisfaction and increase competition in the market. There exists a lack of reference model or framework for small-sized software development organizations to indicate  which usability practices should be implemented, and where in the system-development life cycle they need to be considered.. This thesis offers developers in small-sized software development organizations who have the objective of integrating usability practices into their development process, a framework that characterizes 10 selected usability methods in relation to five relevant criteria based on some ISO factors that have an effect on the selection of methods (ISO/TR16982), the selection of the methods for inclusion in the framework responds to these organizations’ needs, we selects recommended methods which are cost effective, simple to plan and apply, and easy to learn by developers and can be applied when time, resources, skills and expertise are limited. Furthermore, the proposed framework is localized for Saudi Arabia to help small-sized organizations in Saudi Arabia to integrate usability practices into their development of local Arabic web-based applications. To achieve these ends, the research employs two methodologies. These include reviewing the literatures about web usability, the influence of culture on web UI design and usability and reviewing methods for developing culturally usable websites. Furthermore, it utilizes survey among Internet users targeting Saudi culture.

Date/Time: Tuesday, March 8, 2016 at 12:00pm

Location: Khadija Auditorium, F49 in Building 6  - Broadcast to Room 2090 in CCIS Building 31