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Title:  Improved Methods for Dyslexic People to Read Tabular-Structured Data Using Browser Extensions


Speaker: Manal Binkhonain, MSc |  Software Engineering Department, CCIS, KSU.


There is considerable evidence that coloured overlays address several reading issues faced by people with dyslexia. However, there is still a serious limitation in addressing dyslexic users’ ability to read two-dimensional data structures.  This seminar aims to provide an overview on a tool developed to be added to the Chrome browser in order to enhance dyslexic users’ ability to read tabular-structured data on webpages. The idea for this tool came out of understanding target users’ needs, issues, treatments, support systems and standards. This tool was evaluated by a group of dyslexic volunteers. The data collected from the study was composed of quantitative data from screen and mouse recorders and qualitative data from interviews. The outcome of the study shows that the tool supports users’ focus and is helpful for users with dyslexia when reading tabular-structured data.

Ms. Manal Binkhonain:

Manal BinKhonain is a teaching assistant in the Software Engineering Department at King Saud University. She received her bachelor’s degree in information technology from KSU in 2010, and her master’s degree from the University of Manchester in 2015. In 2011, she worked as a web developer in the National Center for e-learning and Distance for a year before eventually becoming a TA.  Her areas of interest include assistive technology, software and systems modelling and object-oriented analysis and design.


Date/Time: Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 12:00pm

Location: Khadija Auditorium, F49 in Building 6  - Broadcast to Room 2084 in CCIS Building 31