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Title: Investigating Students’ Attitude towards Cheating and Plagiarism

Speaker: Dr. Manar Hosny, Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, CCIS, KSU


Synopsis: During their studies, many students commit some form of academic dishonesty, such as cheating and plagiarism, often to obtain higher grades than they are capable of. The current widespread use of the Internet, mobile and wireless devices has made it easier for students to illegally access information, and at the same time it has become difficult for academic institutions to control and discover such instances. Hence, it is essential that students become aware of the seriousness of these offences, and be encouraged to avoid them. In this study we investigate the attitude towards cheating and plagiarism among our college students. We shed light on the most prevailing practices, the underlying reasons, the popular sources of illegal information, and the conception of students towards the ethicalness of such practices.


Dr. Manar Fawzi Hosny:

Is an Assistant Professor and the vice hair of the Computer Science Department, College of Computer and Information Sciences, King Saud University. She has a PhD in Computer Science from Cardiff University, UK, 2010. Her main research area is in metaheuristic algorithms and combinatorial optimization, besides HCI, bioinformatics, social network analysis and technology in education.


Date/Time: Tuesday, September 8, 2015 at 12:00pm

Location: Maria Auditorium, F50 in Building 6  - Broadcast from Studio 1 (Room 2084) in CCIS Building 31.

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