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Title: Comparison of User Responses to English and Arabic Emotion Elicitation Video Clips


Speaker: Dr.Sharifa Alghowinem, PhD  | Assistant Professor, Prince Sultan Universiy.

Project Members: Dr. Sharifa Alghowinem (PI), Dr. Areej Al-Wabil (Co-PI), Mrs. Nawal Almutairi (Co-PI), Majdah Alshehry (Co-PI), Eman Alsafi and Eman Almaari (Research Assistants)


To study the variation in emotional responses to stimuli, different methods have been developed to elicit emotions in a replicable way. Using video clips has been shown to be the most effective stimuli. However, the differences in cultural backgrounds lead to different emotional responses to the same stimuli. Therefore, we compared the emotional response to a commonly used emotion eliciting video clips from the Western culture on Saudi culture with an initial selection of emotion eliciting Arabic video clips. We analysed skin physiological signals in response to video clips from 29 Saudi participants. The results of the validated English video clips and the initial Arabic video clips are comparable, which suggest that a universal capability of the English set to elicit target emotions in Saudi sample, and that a refined selection of Arabic emotion elicitation clips would improve the capability of inducing the target emotions with higher levels of intensity.

Dr. Sharifa Alghowinem:

Sharifa Alghowinem received her PhD at the Australian National University, Computer Science Research School in 2015; her thesis is in the area of Affective Computing. She received her MSc in Software Engineering at University of Canberra in 2010, and her BSc in Computer Applications at King Saud University in 2004. Her research interests include speech processing, computer vision, affective computing, and machine learning.

Date/Time: Tuesday, November 17, 2015 at 12:00pm

Location: Maria Auditorium, F50 in Building 6  - Broadcast to Room 2084 in CCIS Building 31

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