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This project examines visual attention on interactive systems with advanced eye tracking HCI techniques. Users exhibit different viewing patterns when searching, browsing, and conducting transactions in online systems. This project aims to provide a model of visual patterns for users in different tasks by averaging visual scan paths on web navigation structures and web transactional interfaces. Navigation patterns are often mapped for individuals as scan-paths as illustrated in the visualizations of the figures:

Averaging scan paths across interfaces informs the design and optimization of web interfaces. In this project, individual viewing patterns will be collapsed along the t-dimension. Following that, average viewing patterns (scan paths) will be calculated for different contexts. Patterns inform the development of aVisual Exploration Model of Users in Interactive Information Systems. Results apply to the optimization of web interfaces.

International HCI conference in US - July 2011 [Springer]
Innovations in IT in UAE - March 2012 [IEEE]
Journal of Computing - March 2012 [Peer-reviewed; open access]
International Journal of HCI - [ISI Journal]
Seminars & Presentations:
May 2011: Modeling Users in Web Transactional Tasks with Behavioral and Visual Exploration Patterns [By Mashael Alsaleh in KSU]
March 2012: Immediate Inline Feedback on Web Transactional Tasks [By Dr. Areej Al-Wabil in the Univ of UAE in Al-Ain at IIT2012]