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Seminar: Object-Oriented Software Engineering - SWE501 Project Synopsis

Speakers: Dr Abir Benabid Alnajjar and SWE 501 MSc students


As a developer and college professor, I often get asked the following question: “If I want to develop an application, how important is it that I learn object-oriented programming?My initial response to this query is very straightforward: If you want to program just about anything these days, you’d better learn object-oriented programming."   Matt Weisfeld  

In this SWE501 Projects Synopsis presentation, students from SWE Master program will present the projects that they have designed using Object Oriented approach as part of the requirements of the SWE501 course; Object Oriented Software Engineering.

Please join us to support our Master students, give them your valuable feedback, and encourage the projects that represent the most innovative and promising ways to serve the community while applying what is learned in the classroom to these projects. 


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Date: Dec 23, 2014 12:30-1:30pm in 6F49

Location: Building 6, Diriya Campus, KSU