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Title: Testing the Mutual Effect of Virtualization and Parallelism in Cloud Computing

SpeakersDr. Soha Mekki, Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department  |  Ebtessam Al-Harbi, MSc student in CS Department

Abstract: Parallelism is a core concept to a cloud environment, and virtualization is a key perception to a cloud. However, parallelism imposes some overhead due to the synchronization requirement between threads. On the other hand, an additional overhead is incurred by the virtual machines manager (VMM). In order to ensure complete isolation between the installed virtual machines, the physical resources are logically distributed. The VMM then serves guests in a timely and periodic way. But does such mechanism restrict parallelism and therefore limit the performance of the overall cloud? In other words, what is the mutual effect of parallelism and virtualization on each other? This presentation elaborates on this problem and sets a framework for the answers.


Date/Time: Tuesday, April 15th 12-1pm

Location: Maria Auditorium, F50 in Building 6 (Broadcast to Room 2079 in CCIS Building 31)