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Seminar: Testing the Mutual Effect of Virtualization and Parallelism in a Cloud 

SpeakerDr. Soha S. Zaghloul Mekki, Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, KSU

Abstract: Cloud computing is a dominant technology nowadays in both industry and academia. It evolved from many concepts such as distributed processing and parallel computing. In addition, virtualization is the core of cloud computing since it provides better resources utilization, reduces power consumption, achieves disaster recovery plans and enables live migration for the sake of load balancing. Moreover, the virtualization layer provides more security to the underlying physical hardware against malware. On the other hand, parallel computing is of no less importance in cloud platforms. Contemporary laptops, mobiles and hand-held devices manufacturers produce multicore equipment with the aim of achieving high performance levels when these become nodes in a cloud environment. However, what is the mutual effect of virtualization and parallel processing? Do they impede each other? Do they really boost the overall performance collectively? This presentation helps to better understand the mutual effect of virtualization and parallelism. 


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Date: Feb 17, 2015  12:15-1pm

Location: 6F49