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This research project investigates the use of BCI as an assistive technology for communication and control for patients with severe speech and motor impairments. This investigation is an extension of our work on the  iWriter project in which Gaze-Communication systems are being developed for patients with Locked-In Syndrome in collaboration with KFMC.

In summer 2012: Collaborative research study with the University of Kent's Digital Media research group in the School of Engineering and Digital Arts
Arabic Brain-Communicator: Hadeel Al-Nughaimesh, Nuha Alkhalifah, Lama Alandas, Aljohara Alabdullatif, Latifa Almofeez
iWriter team  (for the Gaze component) includes Bushra Alkadhi, Arwa Al-Essa, Etessam Al-Hazza, May Alhumaimeedy, Lujain Al-Tamimi