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In this page, we list events and activities that are open to CCIS faculty and staff. All events are scheduled 12-1 pm in the Research Center's Auditorium in B2, unless otherwise noted. Group members meet weekly, Tuesdays 12-2pm, with the first hour open to CCIS faculty and students, and the second hour is a closed session for 'members-only' to carry out work for ongoing projects.

Autumn Semester of 2013-2014

Date Event Title Speaker(s)
Sep 17 Seminar Longitudinal Study of Fearless Interaction: The ICT4D Project Spanning the Middle East and Africa

Dr Areej Al-Wabil, SWE Dep

Mai Alzamel, CS Dep

Majdah Alshehry, IT Dep

Hailah AlMazrou, SWE Dep

Atheer Alkubayyer, KACST

Sep 24 Seminar  Optimization of Single Pointer Interaction Dr Abir Benabid, SWE Dep
Oct 1 Dry Run

The SAI Conference Presentations for 3 projects:

1. Trials and Tribulations of BCI Interaction: Najwa Alghamdi, Dr Ghada Alhudhud, Mai alzamel, Areej Al-Wabil

2. Monitoring the progressive Decline of Memory for Alzheimer's Patients

3. Emotion Detection with Eyetracking: Sharifa Alghowainem, Majdah Alshehry

1. Dr Ghada Alhudhud, IT Dep; Mai alzamel, CS Dep

2. Ms Hailah Almazrou, Hala Almuhanna, Rawan Alwabil, Noura Alzamel

3. Sharifa Alghowainem and Majdah Alshehry

Oct 8 Seminar  Transfer of Technology: The Sawty Experience  Arwa AlRubaian, Ghada Alofaisan, Bayan Alarifi, Nora Alromi
Oct 22 Seminar

 The Mutual Effect of Parallelism and Virtualization in a Cloud Environment

Partitioned Services Layer Autonomous System for Cloud Computing

Dr Soha Zaghloul Makki


Oct 27-28



 Sketching:: The Arduino Way Arwa Alabdulkarim
Oct 29 Seminar  Personalized B2B CMS for Retailers  Dr. Nesrine Zemirli
Oct 29



Image Processing with Matlab

Sulaf Almagoshy

Nov 5 Workshop  Make it Chindogu: Electronic Design Challenge  Dr Eiman Kanjo
Nov 12

Dry Run


 CTIT Papers scheduled for presentation in Dubai  Skerg Teams
Nov 12 Seminar 12-1 A Technique for Load-Balanced Management of Security Tasks in Grids Najla Alhuwaishel and Dr Soha Zaghloul
Nov 19 Workshop  Visual Experimental Reporting: a Photography Primer Meznah Aldosary
Nov 26



 Get Started with Android Development  Modhi Bin Kulaib
Dec 3



Novel pedagogical approach: From research to collaborative projects  Dr Nesrine Zemirli
Dec 3



Data Mining with Matlab

Sulaf Almogoshy

Dec 10 Seminar  Measuring the User Experience in Interactive Gaming with Brain-Computer Interfaces

Dr Rabia Jafri

Ebtisam Alabdulqader

Mashael al-Saleh

Majdah Alshehry

Dec 17 Seminar  Wheelchair Navigation with BCI

 Wafa AlRajhi

Supervised by Dr Manar Fawzi and Dr Areej Alwabil

Dec 24  Seminar  Computer Mediated Communication and Language Transformation Patterns in Saudi Youth  CMC Team in sKERG
Dec 31  Seminar  Multimedia Analaysis Challenges in Arabic Interfaces  SWE 518 Teams
Jan 7 Seminar Welcome to the Knowledge Management world! KM for Strategic Decision Making PhD Students in the Inofrmation Systems Dep - Dr Nesrine Zemirli