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Presenters: Dr. Nesrine Zemirli and Mrs. Noura Alhakbani
Abstract: Around the world of the web is a cycle of seminars that presents to you the overview for the web and its big challenges that we faced today.

The advent of computers, multimedia and the Internet boom are, undoubtedly, one of the greatest innovations of this century.  Advances in information technology, the development of new multimedia and smart devices and the improved storage capacity are the main basics of this innovation. The consequences of our society are not insignificant.

Our perception, our usages and our relationship with the information have dramatically changed. The expansion and growing popularity of the Web have indeed changed the way we think about access to knowledge, how to learn, to work and to live.

Beyond the freedom and the progress that was made to the processes of publishing information, this innovation is focused on all communication services and access to information. It marked the beginning of a new era of communication, a new society focused primarily around information. The information becomes social and smart.

Using your browser you can access to virtual electronic world, an exponential mass of multimedia data that are heterogeneous, semi-structured and displayed on a multiple kind of devices.  Today, getting the relevant information, at the right time, when it becomes available, are the crucial issues and the main strategic challenges for improving the business profits. How have we arrived at this situation? What are the advantages and the impact of these new usages of information? How we can deal with it? And how we make the web smarter?  It’s the main questions that we are going to try to answer during this seminar. The evolution of the next generation of the web does not seem to want to stop if we work all together.

Dr. Nesrine Zemirli is an Assistant Professor at the Information Systems Department. College of Computer and Information Sciences at King Saud University. Dr. Nesrine is a PhD in Computer Science from IRIT at Paul Sabatier University Toulouse III, France, specialized in the personalized of information access. She worked as a Lecturer and Researcher at various French Universities:  ISEP,  Paul Sabatier University Toulouse III, School of Engineering the INSA of Toulouse, Sciences Socials University Toulouse I and the University Center for Training and Research Jean-François Champollion of Albi, France. She also worked as research engineer and project & web manager in a French and international business company.