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Sketching:: The Arduino Way

A two-day workshop to learn about physical computing and electronics using Arduino on Oct 27 and Oct 28 12-3pm. Our workshop speaker is Arwa Alabdulkarim.

This workshop aims to introduce physical computing using the Arduino UNO board, to aid researchers and academics when prototyping hardware, or acquiring information, from users or their environment. Attendees will be able to build their own circuits and control them using the Arduino, and relate to how some hardware and devices work around us, All with no electronics experience required.

Day 1 Oct 27: Exploring the kit's components and applying few simple Labs (tutorials).
Day 2 Oct 28: Attendees will be able to use more complicated sensors and build more intelligent, yet simple, applications.

Registration is open to SKERG members only - Online Registration Form


Location: Lab 56 in b20 of the Malaz Campus
Date/time: Oct 27-28 12-3pm