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Emotional Intelligence Screening: Can your eyes reveal your emotional state?
Abstract: This talk will present an overview of experimental investigations of affective computing conducted in KSU. In the larger context of designing an emotional intelligence screening system, an eye tracking experiment was conducted to examine whether pupil dilation can be indicative of emotional arousal in subjects. Participants examined video segments depicting different emotions such as joy, fear, and sadness; patterns of changes in the pupil sizes of their eyes were measured and observed over time.

Findings show that pupil size variation is indicative of emotional arousal. As such, it will be combined with physiological measures to develop an emotional screening system.

 Presenter: Dania al-Omar
Dania is an MSc student in the Computer Science department of King Saud University's College of Computer and Information Sciences. Her project involves the design and development of emotional intelligence screening systems based on physiological measures of humans, supervised by Dr. Manar Fawzi and Dr Areej Al-Wabil. She is a teaching assistant in Imam University's College of Computer Science.
Date: December 26, 2011

Time: 12:00-1:00pm

Location: Room 49, building 20