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The research activities of the Software and Knowledge Engineering Research Group (SKERG) is an active research group in the Department of Software Engineering in the College of Computer and Information Sciences in KSU. The research activities of SKERG cover a wide range of core and applied software and knowledge engineering research areas.

The primary mission of the Software and Knowledge Engineering Research Group is to conduct fundamental and applied research in the area of Software Engineering, Knowledge Engineering, Usability Engineering, and Human-Computer Interaction. Our goal is to push forward the scientific frontiers of these fields. For the professional domains, we aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice, whereas for the academic research in software engineering, we foster lines of research for problem-oriented understanding of the theoretical foundations of software engineering. SKERG is also active in developing the university priorities in conducting research in line with the national strategic plan for science and technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  


Events and Activities: weekly public events and workshops

Twitter: @KSU_SKERG | Affiliated Research Lab @HCI_Lab

Follow our activites online on Twitter at #SKERG