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Fearless Interaction with Technology: Longitudinal Study of ICT for Development (ICT4D) in Saudi Arabia and  Africa

In this presentation, we will present an overview of the ICT4D project for the design and adaptation of Arabic "Fearless Cards" and the training programs conducted in Saudi Arabia and Africa with underserved populations.



Date: Sep 17, 2013 Location: Auditorium of the KSU Research Center; Building 2 on the 3rd floor

Project members:

  • Dr. Areej Al-Wabil; Software Engineering Dep
  • Mai AlZamel, MSc; Computer Science Dep
  • Hailah AlMazrou, BSc; Software Engineering Dep
  • Majdah Alshehry, MSc; Information Tech Dep
  • Atheer Alkubayaer, BSc; KACST