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In this page, we list events and activities that are open to CCIS faculty and staff. All events are scheduled 12-1 pm in the CCIS 6F50 Auditorium in B6 and broadcast to CCIS 2084 in B31, unless otherwise noted. Group members meet weekly, Tuesdays 12-2pm, with the first hour open to CCIS faculty and students, and the second hour is a closed session for 'members-only' to carry out work for ongoing projects.

Spring 2017

Date Event Title Speaker(s)
Feb 14 Seminar

Incremental Commitment Spiral Model (ICSM)

 Ms. Sadeem Alsudais
Feb 28 Seminar

Collective-decision Making in Social Networks and its Resistance to Bribery

Ms. Bayan Alarifi
Mar 7 Seminar

 Passive Brain Computer Interface Smart Office Controller

 Dr. Ghada Al-Hudhud and Ms. Layla Alqahtani
Mar 14 Seminar

Cultural Differences in Reactions to Gamification 

Ms. Nora Alarfaj
Mar 28  Seminar  Predictive Situation Aware Architectural Model for Decision Making in C4I Systems  Ms. Ahlam Alkhaibari


Fall 2016-2017

Date Event Title Speaker(s)
Nov 29 Seminar  Tensors and thier Applications in Machine Learning and Computer Vision   Ms. Asma Almotairi
Dec 6 Seminar Investigating the User Experience of Simulation Training for Surgeons Using Eye Tracking  Ms. Nada Almohaimeed
Dec 13 Seminar Designing and Developing a Visual Framework Integrating an RNA Mapping Algorithm and a Genome Rearrangement Algorithm in Bioinformatics Ms. Asma Rikli
Dec 27 Seminar  Biometric Usability Research Platform   Ms. Hessah Alotaibi

Jan 3


Seminar Six Sigma Quality Evaluation of Telegraph Messaging System  Dr. Ghada Alhudhud, Muneera Alawad, Basma Alhazmi, Mona Alshahrani
Jan 10 Seminar Evaluating the Quality of Data Mining Systems Dr. Ghada Al-Hudhud/Lama Tatwany, Eman Alnkhailan, Sara Alshehri
Jan 17 Workshop

Eye Tracking for Improving the UX of Information Visualization

Ms. Jumana Almahmoud, CCES, KACST and MIT
Jan 17 Seminar

Ending EULA Roulette

 Ms. Rawan Alabdulrahman
Jan 18 Workshop Brain-Computer Interaction Research and Development

Dr. Areej Al-Wabil, CCES, KACST and MIT

Ms. Abeer Alnafjan, CCIS, KSU

Jan 24 Seminar Understanding STEM E-mentoring for Girls in a Saudi Context Ms. Aseel Alhadlaq



Academic Year 2015-2016

Date Event Title Speaker(s)
Aug 18
Seminar   Designing and Evaluating a Contextual Mobile Application to Support Situated Learning
 Dr. Abeer Alnuaim
Aug 25 Seminar  Automatic detection and repair of XSS and SQLI vulnerabilities  Dr. Muath Alkhalaf
Aug 25 Journal Club  Digital Image-Adaptive Watermarking UsingBSS Based Extraction Techniques  Dr. Ghada Alhudhud
Sep 1 Workshop  NodeXL برمجيات تحليل الشيكات الاجتماعية  Noura Alomar, MSc
Sep 1 Seminar  Socio-Cultural Design of Banking Systems in the Arab Region  Ms. Nouf Almobarak
Sep 8  Seminar  Technology for Measuring the Attitude of Students towards Cheating and Plagiarism  Dr. Manar Hosny
Sep 8 Journal Club The Intellectual Challenge of CSCW: The Gap Between Social Requirements and Technical Feasibility  Sarah Almoaiqel, MSc
Sep 15 Seminar A Study of the Socio-Technical Influences on Information and Communications Technology in Girls' Schools in Saudi Arabia  Sarah Alomaiqel, MSc
Sep 15 Journal Club  Real-Time Visualization of Neuronal Activity during Perception  Dr. Ghada Alhudhud
Sep 29 Workshop  Usability Testing with Morea  Ms. Nouf Almobarak
Oct 6 Hackathon  IBM Hackathon in KSU  IBM Academic Initiative Coordinators
Oct 13 Seminar  Profitability of Directional Change Based Trading Strategies: The Case of Saudi Stock Market  Dr. Monira Aloud
Oct 20 Seminar iNaVI: indoor Navigation for the Visually Impaired   Dr. Abir Benabid
Oct 27 Seminar   Information Security Requirements in Patient-Centred Healthcare Support Systems.  Dr. Shada Alsalamah
Nov 3 Seminar

Bio-inspired Approach for Multitask Allocation Problem in Unmanned Ariel Vehicles

 Dr. Heba Kurdi
Nov 3 Journal Club Online Addiction: A Cultural Comparison of Privacy Risks in Online Gaming Environments  Ms. Sarah Almoaiqel
Nov 10 Seminar  BCI in Speech and Language Pathology SLP Rehabilitation  Abeer Alnafjan, ImamU
Nov 17 Seminar   Comparison of User Responses to English and Arabic Emotion Elicitation Video Clips  Dr. Sharifa Alghowinem
Nov 17 Workshop  OpenSMILE Training Workshop  Dr. Sharifa Alghowinem
Dec 1 Seminar Quality Assessment Model for Web based and Desktop Applications Development Process  Dr. Ghada Alhudhud
Dec 8 Seminar  Information Security Threats Awareness  Dr. Shada Alsalamah
Dec 8 Journal Club Multimodal assistive technologies for depression diagnosis and monitoring  Dr. Sharifa Alghowinem
Dec 15 Seminar Trends in IoT Internet of Things Research  Noura Alhakbani, MSc
Dec 22 Seminar

The Development of a QR Code-Based Social Network: Project

 Noura Al-Omar, MSc

Jan 5 Workshop  Brain-Computer Interfaces: Applying our Minds to Human-computer Interaction  Dr. Areej Al-Wabil
Jan 6 Workshop  NodeXL برمجيات تحليل الشيكات الاجتماعية [Workshop presented in KACST]  Noura Alomar, MSc
Jan19 Seminar  Brain, Body and Bytes: Designing for Brain Computer Interfaces Beyond Medical Applications  Dr. Areej Al-Wabil
Jan26 Seminar An Empirical Study of the Human Process of Transplantation Arwa Alamoudi, MSc
Feb 2 Seminar Improved Methods for Dyslexic People to Read Tabular-Structured Data Using Browser Extensions Manal Binkhonain, MSc
Feb 9 Seminar Affective Brain-Computer Interaction (BCI) Design In Neurogaming Nora Aldahash, MSc
Feb16 Seminar

Formal Methods Approach to the Specification and Analysis of Service Oriented Architectures

 Dr. Abeer Ahumaimeedy
Feb 16 Journal Club  The Future of Mobile HCI Research  Shahad Alharbi, MSc
Feb 23 Seminar  Route Project: Applied Computing for the Riyadh Metro Project  Dr. Ghada Alhudhud
Feb 24  Workshop  Morae Usability Testing  Ms. Nouf Almobarak
Mar 1 Seminar  Swarm Intelligence: from Natural to Artificial Systems  Dr. Manar Hosny
Mar 8 Seminar Utilization of Usability for the development of Arabic web based applications in small-sized software development organizations in Saudi Arabia Ms. Lulwah Alyahyan
Mar28 Workshop  [Research Funding Opportunities for Science and Technology] at PSU's #بحثي_لمجتمعي Forum  Dr. Areej Al-Wabil
Mar28 Workshop  [Maximizing your Conference Participation] at PSU's #بحثي_لمجتمعي Forum  Dr. Heba Kurdi
Mar29 Seminar  Towards a Taxonomy of e-Mentoring Ms. Aseel Alhadlaq
Apr 5  Seminar Hearing by seeing: can improving the visibility of the speaker's lips makes you hear better?  Najwa AlGhamdi, MSc
Apr 12  Seminar  Support Vector Machine based Exploratory Projection Pursuit Optimization for User face identification  Dr. Souad Larabi Mariesainte
Apr 12  Workshop  OpenCv (Open Source Computer Vision)  Dr. Sharifa Alghowinem
Apr 19 Seminar

Quality Assessment of Mobile Games: Impact on Human Behavior

Dr. Ghada Ahudhud
Apr 26 Seminar Identifying Selection Hand-Gestures for Interactive Horizontal Surfaces Among Saudis Arwa Alabdulkarim (KACST)
May 10 Seminar Graphical Interface Design Based on User Preferences  Ms. Rawan AlWabel

May 17

Seminar Designing and Developing a Visual Framework Integrating an RNA Mapping Algorithm and a Genome Rearrangement Algorithm in Bioinformatics Ms. Asma Rikli


Academic Year 2014-2015

Date Event Title Speaker(s)
Sep 9
Seminar  Arabic Sign-Language App for People wit Hearing Impairments: The Tawasol Project (تطبيق تواصل للغة الإشارة العربية)
Abeer Alnafjan,
PhD Candidate in CCIS
Sep 9
 Rapid Prototypig with Arduino in the HCI_Lab
Arwa Aabdulkarim, KACST
Sep 16
 Usability Engineering of Brain-Computer Interfaces BCI for
 NeuroRehabilitation of Attention Deficit Disorders (ADHD and ADD)
 Layla Alsalhei
Sep 16
Journal Club
 - Exploring the Acceptability of Google Glass as an Everyday Assistive Device for People with Parkinsons Disease
 - Demo of GoogleGlass by Dr Rabia Jafri
 Weaam Alrashed (moderator)
 Dr Rabia Jafri (demo)
Oct 14 Seminar  Brain-Computer Interfaces for Predicting Epileptic Seizures in Children: Electroencephalography EEG, Functional MRI, Magnetoencephalography MEG Dr. Areej Al-Wabil
Oct 21


 Affective Computing in Gaming: Comparative analysis of measuring excitement using sensors, direct observations and self-reported data Sarah Alkoblan, Weaam Alrashed
Oct 21 
 Workshop  @1pm
 Brain-Computer Interaction: SDK
 Arwa Alrubaian,  BCI Developer
Oct 28  Seminar  GPS-based Personalized Pedestrian Route Recording Smartphone Application for the Blind  Dr Rabia Jafri
Oct 28
 Theses Proposals  SWE MSc Students Present their MSc Theses' proposals for 2014-2015  #KSU_SWE MSc Cohort 2
Nov 4
 IBM Bluemix  IBMers w/ Susan Malaika
Nov 5  Worksop  Measuring the User Experience UX with Morae - Workshop for IT534 students (Instructor Dr Rabia Jafri)  Ms Nouf Almobarak
Nov 11
 Journal Club
 Design & Implementation of Smart House Control Using LabVIEW
 Dr Ghada Alhudhud (faculty)
 Weaam Alrashed (moderator)

Nov 18

 Seminar 12pm

Workshop 1pm

 Brain Signals for Smart Offices (BSSO)

Morae Training Workshop

 Dr. Ghada Alhudhud
 Ms. Nora Alarfaj
Nov 25  Seminar Agile Development in Gamification-Oriented Software (MSc Thesis in Univ of Southampton 2014)  Noura Alomar, MSc
Dec 2  Seminar Applying Distributional Semantics for the Classification of Emotions in Arabic Tweets (MSc Thesis Supervised by Dr  Mathew Purver at QMUL)  Shahad Alharbi, MSc
Dec 2
 Demo Assistive Technology Projects for ADHD in the HCI Lab for Collaborators
 Dr Areej Al-Wabil
 Sarah Alkoblan, SWE
 Layla AlSalhei, KFSHRC
Dec 9  Seminar  Agent-Based Software Engineering:  Exploring Trading Strategies and their Effects in the Agent-Based FX Market  Dr. Monira Aloud
Dec 9
 Journal Club  Ubiquitous Smart Home Systems
 Dr Ghada Alhudhud
 Weaam Alrashed (moderator)
Dec 16  Seminar  Software Design of an e-Tutor
Ashwaq Alenzi
Elham Alzahrani
Dr. Ghada Alhudhud 
Dec 23


 Simulating Wireless Networks using NS2

PSU Campus 12-1pm 

 Dr Sarah Alhmoud
Dec 23


 SWE501 Object-Oriented Software Engineering Projects

KSU Campus 12-1pm

Dr Abir Benabid 

SWE501 Students

 Dec 30   Seminar

Usability Engineering of Pharmaceutical Apps in Arabic::

“See Medication” Arabic Mobile Applications For Asthmatic Visually Impaired Patients A collaborative project between SKERG and KSU's College of Pharmacy

Afnan Alsadhan, IS Dep

Sarah Bin Mahfoudh, SWE Dep

Hend bin Ajlan, IT Dep

College of Pharmacy: Nada Alsuhebany, Rafeef Aqel, Hana Alashaikh, Asma Alzahrani

Jan 6  Seminar  Dry Run for SWE MSc Defense for Cohort 1  SWE MSc Students
Jan 13 Thesis Defense  Usability Engineering of NeuroRehabilitation Systems for sustained Attention Assesment using Brain-computer Interfaces (Thesis Defense)

Layla Alsalhei, KFSHRC

Software Engineering Dep

Jan27  Seminar  iNavi: Indoor Navigation for the Visually Impaired
 Dr. Abir Benabid
Feb 3  Seminar  Tangible Collaborative Decision Support Systems for Urban Planning  Dr. Areej Al-Wabil
Feb 9  Workshop  Skething with Arduino:: Physical Computing at TIS Schools  Arwa Alabdulkarim
Feb10  Seminar  Ambient Assisted Living  TBD
Feb17  Seminar  Testing The Mutual Effect of Virtualization and Parallelism in the Cloud  Dr. Soha Mekki
 Journal Club   Recent Advances in Augmented Reality
 Ms Asma Alhussayen
 Weaam Alrashed (moderator)
Feb 24  Seminar  Usabiliy Engineering of Interactive Learning Portals in Arabic: The Mawhiba Case Study

 Ms. Asma Alhussayen

 Ms. Weaam Alrashed

Mar 3  Workshop  Brain-Computer Interaction  SKERG Developers
Mar 10  Seminar  Multimedia Surveillance in Cloud Computing  Dr. Anwar Hussain
Mar 10  Journal Club Beyond Power: Making Bioinformatics tools User-Centered

 Ms.Naelah AlAgeel, KACST

Weaam Alrashed (moderator)

Mar 17  Meeting 12pm PIs of SKERG Projects  Principal Investigators  
Mar 17  Workshop 1pm  LabView (SKERG Training Program for Members)  SKERG Members 
Mar 24 Journal Club  Experiencing BCI Control in a Popular Computer Game

 Ms. Nora Aldahash

Weaam Alrashed (moderator)

Mar 31  Seminar  Swarm Intelligence: From Natural to Artifical Systems  Dr. Manar Hosny
Apr 7  Seminar   Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)  Dr. Shady Aly
Apr 14  Seminar  Harnessing Scientific Advances for the Benefit of Society: Technology Transfer, Licensing, and IP  Dr Areej Al-Wabil
Apr 28  Seminar

 Brain Signals for Smart Offices

 (Student CapStone Project: Noha alrajhi, Latifa Almazrou, Nouf Alonaizy, Aysha Almahmoud, Dala bin Muribah)

 Dr. Ghada Alhudhud
May 5  Seminar  Usability Engineering of Bioinformatics Tools  Naelah Alaqeel, KACST
May 12  Seminar  Indoor Naviigation Mobile Apps for the Visually Impaired

 Dr. Abir Benabid and Dr. Manar Fawzi

 Shaden Alzeer, Rawan Alsarrani, Mona Alzuhair


Spring 2014

Date Event Title Speaker(s)
Mar 4 Dry Run Paper presentations for the 8th International Technology, Education, and Development Conference INTED in Spain Arwa Alabdulkarim, Hailah Almazrou (Papers 1, 23, 4)
Mar 11
Progress Reports on Funded Research Projects in SKERG
PIs of SKERG-Funded projects in 2013-2014
Apr 8
Seminar Private Chaotic Biometric Template Protection Dr Sanaa Ghouzali
Apr 8
Workshop Measuring the UX with NeuroHeadsets in Brain-Computer Interaction Dr. Areej Al-Wabil
Apr 15
Dr. Soha Mekki
Ebtessam Al-Harbi
Apr 15
Computer Vision without Sight
Ms. Weaam Alrashed (moderator)
Dr Rabia Jafri
Apr 17
 Sketching with Arduino || Physical Computing
Ms. Arwa Alabdulkarim
Apr 22
Seminar Dr Souad Larabi Mariesainte
Apr 22
Journal Club

 Palm Vein Technology Security

Ms. Weaam Alrashed (moderator)
Dr Sahar Bayoumi
Apr 28
Dry Run SKERG students participating in PSU's 2014 Advances in Software Engineering Conference; Zayed University's URC, and HCI International's 2014 Conference  SKERG Mentors
Apr 29
Seminar Frequent Pattern Mining for Association Rule Generation Dr Ghada Badr
Apr  29
Journal Club Technologies for Brain Hacking
Dr Ghada Alhudhud
Ms Weaam Alrashed (moderator)
May 6
Seminar Dr Ghada Al-Hudhud
May 6

Fearless Interaction with Technology: ICT for Development ICT4D Projects in Asia & Africa

Ms. Mai Alzamel
Ms. Hailah Almazrou
May 11 Keynote
Conceptual Foundations of Software Engineering in Embodied Interaction Design
Dr Areej Al-Wabil
May 13
Seminar  Neurophysiology and Brain-Computer Interaction Dr Fawziah Alrouq, Clinical Physiology, KKUH, KSU
May 13
Seminar Embodied Interaction Design: Brain, Body, and Bytes Dr Areej Al-Wabil
May 13
Journal Club

Genetic-Based Nutrition Recommendation Model

Weaam Alrashed (moderator)
Dr. Manar Fawzi
May 20
 Seminar Computer Vision-Based Object Recognition for the Visually-Impaired in an Indoors Environment: An Overview

Dr Rabia Jafri

May 20
Journal Club Signs of the singularity with Ms.Meznah Al-Dosary  Meznah Al-Dosary
May 27
Dry Run  10 Paper Presentations for HCI International 2014 in Greece Presenters of the 10 research papers
Jun 3
Dr Abir Benabid and Mona Alzhuair
Jun 3
 Unleashing the Potential of Big Data: Experience Report on the World Summit on Big Data and Organization Design
Dr Nesrine Zemirli
Jun 10  Event  Members End-of-Year Roundup  SKERG Members


Autumn Semester of 2013-2014

Date Event Title Speaker(s)
Sep 17 Seminar Longitudinal Study of Fearless Interaction: The ICT4D Project Spanning the Middle East and Africa

Dr Areej Al-Wabil, SWE Dep

Mai Alzamel, CS Dep

Majdah Alshehry, IT Dep

Hailah AlMazrou, SWE Dep

Atheer Alkubayyer, KACST

Sep 24 Seminar  Toward an Optimized Arabic Keyboard Design for Single-Pointer Applications Dr Abir Benabid, SWE Dep
Nourah Alswaidan, CS Dep
Oct 1 Dry Run

The SAI Conference Presentations for 3 projects:

1. Trials and Tribulations of BCI Interaction: Najwa Alghamdi, Dr Ghada Alhudhud, Mai alzamel, Areej Al-Wabil

2. Monitoring the progressive Decline of Memory for Alzheimer's Patients

3. Emotion Detection with Eyetracking: Sharifa Alghowainem, Majdah Alshehry

1. Dr Ghada Alhudhud, IT Dep; Mai alzamel, CS Dep

2. Ms Hailah Almazrou, Hala Almuhanna, Rawan Alwabil, Noura Alzamel

3. Sharifa Alghowainem and Majdah Alshehry

Oct 8 Seminar  Transfer of Technology: The Sawty Experience  Arwa AlRubaian, Ghada Alofaisan, Bayan Alarifi, Nora Alromi
Oct 22 Seminar

 The Mutual Effect of Parallelism and Virtualization in a Cloud Environment

A Technique for Load-Balanced Management of Security Tasks in Grids

Dr Soha Zaghloul Makki, CS Dep

Najla Alhowaishel, CS Dep


Oct 27-28



 Sketching:: The Arduino Way Arwa Alabdulkarim
Oct 29 Seminar  Personalized B2B CMS for Retailers  Dr. Nesrine Zemirli
Oct 29



Image Processing with Matlab

Sulaf Almagoshy

Nov 5 Seminar   Language Transformation Patterns in Computer Mediated Communication of Saudi Youth  Dr. Areej Al-Wabil
Nov 12 Seminar 12-1 Partitioned Services Layer Autonomous System for Cloud Computing Dr Soha Zaghloul
Nov 19



Interaction Design Projects in PNU's Digital Media Department Participants: Skerg Members and Ms. Haifa and Eman Alwahby
Nov 26 Seminar An agent Based Approach for Modelling the High-Frequency FX Market Dr. Monira Aloud, MIS Department, KSU
Nov 26



 Get Started with Android Development  Modhi Bin Kulaib
Dec 3



Dry Run for CTIT Presentations  Eman Al-Bilali, Amjad alghani, Shaden Alzeer
Dec 10 Seminar 12-1pm Real-time fire detection and notification system based on computer vision

Dr Sahar Bayoumi

Dec 10

Workshop 1-3pm

*members only*

Visual Experimental Reporting: a Photography Primer

Meznah Aldosary
Dec 17



 The Bees' Inspiration in Solving Hard Optimaztion Problems

 Dr. Manar Hosny

Dec 24  Seminar  Object-Oriented Software Engineering Projects SWE 501 Teams with Dr. Abir Benabid and Dr. Ghada Alhudhud
Jan 5



 Navigation and Optimization of BCI-Controlled Wheelchairs

 Wafa AlRajhi

MSc project Supervised by Dr. Manar Hosny and Dr. Areej Al-Wabil

Jan 7 Seminar Welcome to the Knowledge Management World! PhD Students in the Inofrmation Systems Dep - Dr Nesrine Zemirli
Jan 12 Seminar Design of an Emotion Elicitation Framework for Arabic Cultures: Multimodal Fusion of Biosensors Sharifa Alghowinem, Nawal Almutairi, Nada Alharbi, Arwa Al-Edaily, Sara Alghowinem, Eman Al-Safi, Eman Al-Maari

Jan 14

Workshop Sketching:: The Arduino Way (Workshop for Skerg members-only 9am-3pm in Lab 56) Arwa Alabdulkarim

Archives of SKERG Event Calendars:

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