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We run informal journal club meetings in which we look at trends in software engineering. Key objectives of this reading club are to facilitate discussion on the critique of scientific research papers, developing an understanding of state-of-the-art in technologies and methods in software engineering, and taking a critical look at papers that we recently published, along with the reviews it attracted to determine how to move forward with similar research.


Journal Club Meetings for 2016 (Moderators: Ms Manal BinKhonain)

Feb 16, 2016: The Future of Mobile Device Research in HCI with Ms.Shahad Alharbi

March 8, 2016: Design of an Intelligent Office Environment Controller using Brain Computer Interface with Dr.Ghada Alhudhud

April 26, 2016: Does Distributed Development Affect Software Quality? An Empirical Case Study Of Windows Vista with MS. Noura Alomar.

Journal Club Meetings for 2015 (Moderators: Ms Wea'am AlRashed and Ms. Sarah Almoaigel)

Feb 17, 2015: Recent Advances in Augmented Reality with Ms.Asma Alhussayen
Mar 10, 2015: Beyond Power: Making Bioinformatics tools User-Centered with Ms.Naelah AlAgeel
Mar 24, 2015: Experiencing BCI Control in a Popular Computer Game with Ms. Nora Aldahash
Aug 25, 2015: Digital Watermarking with Dr. Ghada Alhudhud
Sep 8, 2015: CSCW with Ms. Sarah Almoaiqel
Sep 15, 2015: Real-Time Visualization of Neuronal Activity during Perception with Dr. Ghada Alhudhud
Nov 3, 2015: Online Addiction: A Cultural Comparison of Privacy Risks in Online Gaming Environments with Ms. Sarah Almoaiqel


Journal Club Meetings for 2014 (Moderator: Ms Wea'am AlRashed)

Apr 15, 2014: Computer  Vision without Sight with Dr Rabia Jafri
Apr 22, 2014:  Palm Vein Technology Security with Dr.Sahar Bayoumi
Apr 29, 2014: Technologies for Brain Hacking with Dr. Ghada Alhudhud
May 13, 2014: Genetic-Based Nutrition Recommendation Model  with Dr.Manar Fawzi
May 20, 2014: Signs of the singularity   with Ms.Meznah Al-Dosary
Sep 16, 2014: Exploring the Acceptability of Google Glass for People with Parkinson’  with Dr.Areej Al-Wabil & Dr. Rabia Jafri
Nov 11, 2014: Design & Implementation of Smart House Control Using LabVIEW with Dr.Ghada Alhudhud
Dec 9, 2014: Ubiquitous Smart Home Systems with Dr.Ghada Alhudhud


Journal Club Meetings for 2011-2013
Nov 15, 2011: Helping Children with Cognitive Disabilities with Serious Games: Project CLES
Dec 17, 2011: Software Engineering Education: The Gap Between Industry’s Requirements and Graduates’ Readiness
Jan 31, 2012: Skim Reading by Satisficing: Evidence from Eye tracking (award winning paper in CHI 2011)
Mar 12, 2012: MobSense: Making Smart Phones Smarter, [pdf] (discussion with the author, Dr. Eiman Kanjo)
Feb 11 and 25, 2013: CHI reviews and ISI Journal reviews on IR papers for skerg members