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Undergraduate Research Conference in Applied Computing URC2012
March 14, 2012 at 2pm in the Scientific Forum in Building 4 [EVENTS 2012]
Guest Speakers from URC 2011: Khawla alSalem, Hebah AlMoaiqel, Nora Alarfaj, Heila AlMazrou
Speakers (Training): Sunitha Jeyasekhar, Razia Faiz, Anjum Asma, Akheela Mohammedi, Shameem Fatimah, Mousmi Chaurasia
Workshop on conference participation: Guest speakers from last year's URC event join us to share their experience and tips on how to prepare posters, and deliver presentations for conference audiences. Program of guest speakers include:
GoTour’s Khawla AlSalem and Heba Almoaiqel: winners of the Best Presentation Award in URC 2011, project supervised by Dr. Aisha Sevkli.
Heila Almazrou, presenter of the Alzheimer’s Memory Degradation Monitor in URC 2011
Nora Alarfaj, presenter of the Multimedia Arabic Dictionary for Learning Disabilities in URC 2011

URC 2012
We will also host a dry run on Apr 9th for all accepted projects. This event is open to all faculty and students, in which students can practice their presentation and poster demonstrations before traveling to the conference. And for students who will not attend URC in Dubai, this event facilitates experiencing the conference participation with their team-mates in our college before they send off their team's representative.