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Speaker: Dr. Ghada Al-Hudhud
Centre of Computational Intelligence, De Montfort University
Abstract: Modeling natural behaviors of swarming nanorobots is being extensively studied during the last decade. Employing these natural behaviors to nanorobots is considered highly demanded in the medical applications ranging from treating sever diseases to anti-aging treatments. Recent medical applications considers a scenario where a swarm of nanorobots is launched from a starting point into the human body to perform group tasks; these tasks could be detecting cell concentration of a specific chemicals emitted by cells and acting upon findings, or searching particular places in the human body for drug delivery or other certain actions. These applications consider scenarios that emphasize local self-coordination. Yet, these scenarios lack the global view to coordinate globally over long distances to accomplish interactively assigned group task. Considering the scenario of launching a swarm of nanorobot in blood vessel for the purpose of removing cholesterol plaques, a communication model is proposed. The model identifies communication based coordination between nanorobots in the swarm. The proposed model includes both decentralized and centralized communications for possessing both the local information within the swarm and global information for interactive task assignment, task cancellation, re-assigning new task by physicians monitoring task accomplishment. The task is simply searching lipoprotein Cholesterol threshold concentration in a specified location in blood vessel. The experimentation results has shown to be efficient as it overcomes the local minima problem for swarm navigation and problem of using coverage based particle swarm optimization.
Dr. Ghada Al-hudhud, Dr Ghada Alhudhud is currently working as assistant professor at the College of Computer and Information Sciences, King Saud University, Information Technology Department.  Dr. Ghada holds a PhD in Software Engineering and worked for years for teaching and as a researcher at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK. Dr. Ghada served as Head of Software Engineering Department at Al-Ahliya Amman University, Jordan. Main research interest covers the areas: Automating Image Compression techniques for still and video images, Biometric security systems, Intelligent multiagent based mobile robotic communication, Applying Swarm Intelligence techniques for multiple cooperative nano-robots.
Date: May 14, 2012
Time: 12:00-1:00pm
Location: Room 49, Building 20